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With the high Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER) we guarantee premiumrouting delivers the best wholesale termination. Provides the highest quality and most advanced feature set combined with extremely competitive market rates.Our Premium Voice routes are directly interconnected via Local Network Operators, Mobile Network Operators, Regional Network Operator:Over 100 direct routes to licensed national providers and mobile operators with minimal network backlogs.Clarity Routes managed to maximize direct interconnections.Supports special routing for Direct Route upon Request. 
We offer a special solution for enterprises to send their customers news, warnings or reminders, credit card statements, bills, promotional advertisements and greeting messages are just some of the common examples. Available as web service for users to send messages. Worldwide coverage of 550+ mobile operators. LCR based routing system. Real Time Statistics, tracking & reporting. For wholesalers in our directs we reduce the number of hops between you and your customer, decreasing latency and enabling high delivering ratio worldwide connecting. Benefit from our SMS Service and experience at this crucial solution of your business.
CARE VoIP is an established Telco in the carrier market, providing innovative solutions backed by best-in-class customer support. As part of our key services, we offer wholesale A-Z termination through our multiple direct interconnects with PTT / Tier 1 / Tier 2 and mobile operators. We also specialize in data services and IPLC, and we have a proven track record in providing white-label managed services to other service providers. We enable smaller telecom providers the ability to use our switch partitioning facilities to minimize their start-up costs. This includes enabling resellers / channel partners to offer multiple voice services using our infrastructure. 

More Services That We Offer

VoIP Inbound  

Care VoIP Call forwarding

From £40.00

Turn your mobile or landline in to a normal or special UK or international number

  • No expensive hardware needed
  • Receive a call to your mobile or landline
  • Call redirection charges are very low
  • Choose any UK number

Get a new number for market campaign tracking or that new office and redirect it to your current one.

Care VoIP Fax to email

From £4.00

Get faxes sent to your email address

  • No expensive hardware needed
  • Receive a fax where ever you are
  • You don't get charged to receive them
  • Choose any UK number

Gone are the days of a fax machine in your office just to receive faxes and the price of an analogue phone line.

Care VoIP Telephone Numbers

From £42.00

UK, International and Gold inbound numbers Important 084 / 087 number changes.

Whether you need a brand new number, a memorable one or you want to keep your advertised numbers, with Care VoIP this is a simple process we can take you through for just £42 a year.

Care VoIP can also port BT or any other telecommunication providers numbers onto our network, enabling customers to change a single line number into a multi line number.

If you decide to move offices, so what! Take your number with you wherever you go.

Care VoIP Conferencing

From £4.00

A dedicated conference number or set up conferencing on your hosted system

  • No expensive hardware needed, use any phone to call in
  • Have unlimited conference users
  • Experience true HD Voice during a conference call
  • Full conference recording and downloads

Gone are the days of asking people to spell words. Have a crystal clear conference call experience.

VoIP Outbound

Extremely reliable VoIP outbound SIP trunk with dynamic call capacity. No per channel or per line costs only per second billing with web access to call list.

Care VoIP Outbound SIP Trunk

Extremely reliable VoIP outbound SIP trunk

  • Use your IP enabled phone system
  • Make as many calls as your internet connection can support
  • Landline replacement; 999, intl and Directory Enquiry calls
  • Use your own caller ID and no monthly fee

Gone are the days of paying for lines you aren't using. With our VoIP outbound service you can make as few or as many calls as you like any time of day for as little as 1.25p per minute (ex VAT) to landlines and 7pper minute (ex VAT) to mobiles

Care VoIP Single User Account

SKU:            carevoip-single

Setup fee:  One-off, +£20.00

A phone service with just the right functionality suitable for Sole Traders or others working on their own.

Ideal for sole traders, start ups or one of your home workers Not only do we empower the way your business communicates, but we give you access to some of the best features available with call quality to match.

  • Use a desk phone or software on your laptop or mobile phone.
  • Access your call logs and manage your number online.
  • Get your voicemails directly to your inbox!.
  • Use a SIP softphone for your iPhone or Android device.

Using a Care VoIP Single User account means you no longer have to worry about where your IP Telephony phone system lives. Just connect from anywhere!

A Care VoIP Single User account costs £5 ex VAT a month. The contract is initially 3 months and then moves to a monthly contract.

  • Setup fee of £25 ex VAT.
  • £5 ex VAT per month plus call costs.
  • LDAP address book for your contacts.
  • A UK telephone number included.
  • Voicemail to email.
  • 999 access.

About Managed Services

Care VoIP has a pool of global consultants delivering a wealth of proven international experience in several fields and markets. And many of them provide a distinct focus on entrepreneurial enterprises. As a young, agile company, we have not forgotten how small things can get in the way of big growth plans for developing enterprises. As such, we offer a wide range of consultancy services with our own chief experts so that leaders can focus on developing their businesses. Partnering with us will not only unlock the potential of your business but get you there faster.

  • Business plan creation for both start-ups and mature businesses seeking growth and market expansion.
  • Business strategy development.
  • Marketing plan creation including budget implementation.
  • Go-to-market strategy and expansion planning to new markets and regions.
  • Product launch advisement and quality management.
  • Project management.
  • Marketing communications for both offline and online.
  • Integrated marketing communication campaigns supporting lead generation.
  • Telemarketing and call centre support with fully managed SLAs.

Benefit from our expertise and experience at this crucial stage of your business.

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