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CARE VoIP ( Brand Name ) where mother company is CARE ACROSS LIMITED is a UK ETS telecom license carrier. We are mainly focus on international wholesale voice business. Thanks to strong relationship with voice retail partners, more than 700 VoIP providers has been connected with us in the past few years.
In 2016,CARE VoIP is planning to build more direct interconnections with Tier1 telecom operators over the world to carry our stable traffic, especially for Asia, Middle East and Africa destinations. With flexible payment terms, strong finance background, competitive rate and 6+ years’ VOIP operation experience, we welcome more IP voice interconnections.
You Can Find us in UK Company Registry:
Company NO: 8684854


Partnership is the supreme cooperation relationship built by enterprises. We looks forward to building the long-term equally-shared benefits and risks cooperation partnership with you on the basis of mutual trust.


Reliability is the result of best efforts and selfless attitude. In the constantly changing voice wholesale industry , uncompromisingly progressive creation and extremely competitive products help us offer the exceptional quality service to our clients. By doing so, we are defining the attitude of reliability. 


We believe that  nothing is the best, but everything has the room to be better. only when we offer much more stable quality can we offer better service to our clients. Finally, we will be in the invincible position. On the road of quality, We never stop, but keep moving ahead.

Corporate Culture

It is said this is a new age that a hero fight alone will lose but a team work together will win. Team work will make 1 plus 1 more than 2. In our, there is no hero, but surely have a heroic team. And SIMPLE Sincerity,Industrious,Marvelous, Prompt,Love,Enthusiastic) is this heroic team’s culture.

Sincerity is the key to developing great teams and client-based relationships. And also there is an old saying in UK which is“The sincerity can make metal and stone crack”. We strongly believe this saying and take this as one of our code of conduct.

We can stay up whole night, we can work in the holidays, we can sleep only 4 or 5 hours per day, because we insist in VoIP market, if you do not work hard, you wont get any good result, ”No pains,no gains” To offer the best and show our partners the best of ourself, we need work harder and harder. 

We are professional team, connected with over 700 carriers, owns over 10 direct line in less than 2 year. With 3 noc team’s 7*24 support, we have confidence that we can surely do better.

Time is money, especially in Voice Carriers Business, we response fast, we act fast, and we change fast together with the world. And this heroic team, together hopefully to get this brand Care VoIP to be one of the most popular name in this field within 6+ years.

In our team, everybody treat anyone of others as one of their home members, we share the happiness, we bare sufferings. We laugh together,cry together, and we grow up together. And we have a faith that this family will be bigger & bigger. 

Warm,kind ,none of these words can describe our team. There is an fire deeply rooted in our heart. And this fire drived us treat good to all the things related to our team as mad as possible. We welcome all VoIPer come to build relationships with us,Care VoIP, will help you!

Quality Mark Approved

ITSPA aspires to represent the best in the VoIP industry and we are keen to ensure that consumers are aware that ITSPA members are reputable companies that can be trusted and that the industry strives for excellence both in service reliability and customer satisfaction.
All full ITSPA members must abide by the ITSPA Code of Practice, which covers all relevant elements of OFCOM regulations. The Quality Mark is only available to members who have gone beyond the ITSPA Code of Practice and are committed to promoting industry best practices and can be duly recognized for their efforts.  

"The Quality Mark is available to members who have gone beyond the ITSPA Code of Practice and are committed to promoting industry best practices and can be duly recognized for their efforts."

There are a range of criteria for ITSPA quality mark approved status. Aside from the technical competencies and industry interworking, there are public facing criteria as listed below.
Care VoIP is also a member of other key industry bodies and conforms to key industry guidelines and regulations including the ISPA (Internet Providers Association), ISO:9001, RIPE and Ofcom.

Quality Mark Award Criteria - Customer Facing Only

  • Provide evidence of Compliance where applicable with the ITSPA Code of Practice and Best Common Practice Documents and promotion of this code on the company website.
  • Provide evidence of access to the emergency services 999 databases, updating of customer address data and that customers are made fully aware that this service is available and its limitations.
  • Provide evidence that customers are made fully aware that the member company is also a member of a recognized dispute resolution scheme.
  • Nuisance Calls Policy.
  • CLI Presentation Policy.
  • Data Protection and Retention Compliance.
  • Provide evidence that you have published the names of the primary companies with whom you are able to port numbers both to and from e.g. BT, Virgin, Sky, etc.
  • Telecoms Fraud prevention and mitigation systems.

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Charity Support

It's good to give Care VoIP is happy to help enable registered UK based charities to take advantage of our services at a heavily discounted rate or free of charge*. Contact us with details of your charity. We will require your UK registered charity number in the first instance and we can enable your cause to benefit generously from our services. Typically our services are free with the exclusion of your telephone calls, hardware and internet connectivity; however, we offer reduced rates where we cannot offer a product or service for free. Care VoIP would love to hear about your cause and we take an active interest in all charitable work. Where possible, we'd love to help with spreading your message too. We are always open to new and alternative ways to help charities and open to any reasonable request. Contact us to see if your registered charity can benefit. Street Child Care VoIP has donated over £7000.00 to Street Child UK in 2018. Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa. Starting in Sierra Leone, then the poorest country in the world, we have supported over 25,000 urban and rural children to access quality education. Together with our local partners, the charity has grown since 2008 from one project for 100 children in Northern Sierra Leone to one of the most broad-reaching charities currently working in the region with 30 projects in multiple countries. Street Child's principal focus is upon empowering children by giving them the chance to go to school and giving their families the wherewithal to keep them there.

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